Who We Are


Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society is a community-oriented 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, outreach, and overall support of the safe and responsible use & research of psychedelics, entheogens, and plant medicines for therapeutic, spiritual, and recreational purposes.



Our mission is to create community surrounding psychedelics, mental health, and spiritual growth. We’ll be hosting events, community gatherings, and integration circles in Santa Cruz. If you’re interested in building relationships with other psychonauts in this psychedelic renaissance, come join us!!! 
Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society does not explicitly advocate for the consumption of psychedelic substances — if you choose to engage in these substances, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to use these substances safely, responsibly, and intelligently. We will provide the resources for education and support, but we do not sell psychedelic substances nor do we give your advice on how to access them. We understand that this mental health epidemic has created an incredible urgency for people to find relief from their psychological distress — but for the safety of our members, yourself, and the continuation of this organization, we do not and cannot provide you with psychedelics or the contacts to get them. This is not the setting for you to sell or buy, so do not come if this is your intention. If you post comments looking for a supplier or to sell, your comment will be deleted. If you continue to post these types of comments, you will be banned from this group for the safety and continuation of this organization.