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Psychedelic Survivors is dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual abuse/assault, and/or direct personal harm within the context of psychedelic therapy, sessions, or ceremony.


Psychedelics in Recovery is a fellowship of people in 12-step programs who also have an interest in psychedelics and/or plant medicines as an aid to our recovery.


NEST, short for Network of Emotional Support Teams, is a California-based clinical practice that offers private therapy, harm reduction training, workplace consulting, and direct care for workers on the frontlines of secondary trauma. NEST provides a proprietary compassionate care training model to providers, operators and the public. We are dedicated to building, teaching and implementing sustainable harm reduction principles and practices across communities and industries worldwide.


Stay tuned as our List of Santa Cruz guides comes available.

If you are a Guide and want to be listed, please message us on our CONTACT page with your services and contact information. We look forward to hearing from you and growing this incredible community.